WordPress- The OMC Group

The OMC Group - Websites for Attorneys

While working for The OMC Group, I built websites with WordPress for attorneys and other small businesses.  These websites helped our clients rank for local listings and organics in their respective areas. Here is just one example of a website  I helped build for clients. I worked on an average of 30 websites like this one every week. For more information check out The OMC Group’s website.


Magic Camera Essay

Essay Example- Magic Camera

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Nate AM at 8 AM

Nate AM @ 8 AM - Online Radio Show

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I decided I wanted to try my hand at audio in the form of a morning radio show on KOUG Radio, Washington State University Vancouver’s online radio station. I wanted to create a show like some of the podcasts I had been listening to. The show covered different motivational topics and themes each week. I also advertised for the show on Facebook. This was one of my first times doing this and I really had fun with the process.


Smash Bros Documentary Project

Documentary Project - Super Smash Bros

In this project I experimented with documentary style filming to tell the story of the Super Smash Bros competitive scene. I went to several tournaments and filmed. I also interviewed my friend Joshua Yoes about his experience playing Smash competitively as well as organizing tournaments.


New Side of Paradise

New Side of Paradise

An interactive multimedia Javascript experience based on a short story I wrote. This was a collaboration project with Joshua Yoes. He did all the coding aspects and I helped create and revise the content.  I also edited the video seen in the project.

If you like Josh's work please visit his portfolio as well.


DJ Life

DJ Life

This video was a montage I made for Digital Cinema Class. This illustrates how imagery can tell a story. I chose to represent the experience of being a DJ on KOUG Radio. The video features several placements of KOUG Radio branding that I thought would help promote the station.


Video Essay Example

Video Essay Example

This was a video essay I created for my Digital Cinema class. This shows an example of my work with not only editing, but also my attempts to do voice over work. This is commentary made on another work and the footage is not my own. Video is an excellent way to demonstrate a message to clients and this is just one example of that.